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Interparking offers a high-quality cleaning service in some of its city car parks.
Come and discover the city, get the most out of your parking time and pick up your perfectly cleaned car.

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Carwash Interparking

Why choose the Interparking carwashes?

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  • Hand carwash
  • Trained staff
  • +15 years of experience and loyal customers
  • Respect for the customers and staff
  • Use of biodegradable products
  • Extremely dirty cars become new again with our Deep Cleaning Package
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  • Invoicing on your Pcard+
  • Different payment methods Pcard+ / Cash / Maestro / Bancontact / Mastercard / VISA / AMEX
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  • Bookable via website/telephone/email
  • 6/7 open
  • Simple and safe key drop off and key recovery
  • Several professional carwash services

Discover our Carwashes

Carwash Zand - OPENING 1/8/2022 !

't Zand
8000 Bruges

Carwash Valet Vesting

Vestingstraat 30,
2018 Antwerpen

Carwash 2 Portes

Boulevard de Waterloo 2A,
1000 Brussels

Carwash Stephanie-Louise (Wiltchers)

Avenue Louise 83A,
1050 Brussels

Carwash Meir

Eiermarkt 33/35,
2000 Antwerp

Carwash P1 VIP

(Follow signage P1)

  • Interior OR exterior cleaning







  • Interior AND exterior cleaning







  • Silver + Deep Cleaning package


  • Silver + Car Shine Package


  • Silver + Deep cleaning package + Car Shine Package


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 9.00-18.00
Saturday: 10.00-18.00


Points of interest

Concertgebouw of Bruges
Historic & shopping centre of Bruges
't Zand
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Interparking Meir 20210616

Our services in detail

Exterior cleaning

  • Cleaning of the rims
  • Removal of the insects on the bumper, windshield and front of the car
  • Soaping, Wax treatment and manually drying of the bodywork
  • Drying of the doorway
  • Detail cleaning (Removal of leaves, cleaning of the tank flap and exhaust pipe

Interior cleaning

  • Cleaning of the doorway
  • Cleaning of the dashboard
  • Vacuuming and dust removal of floors, carpets, seats and trunk
  • Cleaning of the windows and rear view mirrors

Car shine package

  • Exterior and interior cleaning
  • Wax treatment of the body of the car to give the car a shiny and new appearance
  • This package does not remove micro-scratches, stains of acid rain or bird droppings (see Polishing package)

Deep cleaning package

  • Exterior cleaning
  • Shampoo of the seats via an injection-extraction method to bring back the original colour of the textile.
  • Cleaning and treatment of the leather to conserve the original colour and quality.

Pay also with your Pcard+

Why get a Pcard+?

  • Best parking rates

    Cheap evening tariffs and/or 10% discount.

    Parking can be cheap. The Pcard+ gives you access to a special tariff of €3 to €5 for a whole evening in most car parks of Interparking Belgium and a 10% discount in selected car parks. See below for the modalities and a list of all participating car parks!

  • Unparalleled ease of use

    No ticket. Electronic receipts.
    We value your time. The Pcard+ lets you access all the car parks of Interparking and drive in and out of the car park without having to pay at the pay machine. Furthermore, you get one clear report of all your transactions, which means you don’t have to keep all of your receipts to track your parking expenditures.

  • Choose the best package for your needs

    Depending on your use and your preferred method of payment, several affiliate programs are available to you.
    Please compare:

    • Private
    • Private Plus
    • Business

    Get your Pcard+ now

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